Fifth Commandment Atrocity  tells the in-depth and descriptive tale of the events that took place while Burt grew up in Rhode Island in his parent's home and the crimes he was a part of.  The book also recounts the way of life that he ultimately escaped.  It is a fascinating tale of horror and crime that is a must-read for anyone who has seen the movie or followed the Burt family saga through the years and is interested in the truth about this true-crime story.

"I can't wait to set the record straight," stated Burt.  "I have received great support over the years from friends and strangers alike and I hope that many realize after reading this that anyone can break the mold and be different from the environment they were born into.  After all, you can't pick your parents, but you definitely can exonerate yourself from their bad behavior."

The book is available in Barnes and Nobel book stores in the RI area.